Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Swimming Partners

Here are the girls with their most recent swimming partners, two tree frogs. Frogs frequent our pool all summer long and the girls have a lot of fun swimming with them in the pool...or should I call it torturing them?
They dont seem to mind the frogs though they cant stand a spider or ant.

Memorial Day in Madison

This Memorial Day we spent at our house in Madison. Our neighbors have about a dozen horses and three foals were delivered about a week ago. These are a couple of the babies. One more was due any day.

Our friends Buddy and Amy also came over and we took the girls down the mountain for some target shooting on the range.

We also opened the pool and had our annual ceremony by getting in the water that had to be just above freezing! We had a good time but couldnt spend much time in there before lips began to turn blue.

That night we had a camp fire and roasted marshmellows.

The last day, Monday, we spent primarily doing yard work. Mowing grass, dumping leaves, fixing gutters and mopping floors took most of the day. However we are in good shape for the summer.

We have a lot of activities going on this summer so stay tuned for more news and more pictures.