Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Fox Face Lo and Friends

Cleaned the salt water tank today and cut up some corals for a coworker. Here is my Fox Face Lo. It is poisonous. However its purely defensive! :). Also shown are three of my clown fish and a bubble coral. The grey colored coral covering the rocks has been growing out of control.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Processed Color Image of Jupiter

Here is a true color image of Jupiter enhanced by overlaying 30 images and smoothing a bit. Learning as I go, I know now how to manipulate multiple AVI files and combine images from multiple files.

More images when I have time. I have some excellent prime focus images which look pretty good at first glance. Don't know how well they will hold up to enlargement.

Another night of Image Processing

Here is a black and white image processed a bit by using about 27 images overlayed and a little smoothing.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pictures of Jupiter Tonight

Here are two pictures I grabbed quickly tonight. The first is a black and white and the second is in color. They were taken with my 8" F/8 Newtonian Telescope at prime focus using a 2X barlow lens.

The images have not been processed much and you should click on the images to see them in full resolution.

I had some technical issues with the telescope tracking but was able to make it work.

On the upper left hand side of the planet near the edge you can just barely see the great red spot.

I will look through more of the images for clearer ones and maybe sharpen them up a bit with some processing.