Friday, January 9, 2009

Ski Trip to Wintergreen

Here we are at Wintergreen. This was the first ski trip for the girls. We took about a 2 hour class and then off to the slopes! The girls did well but my wife couldn't get it. She hurt more from falling down than skiing. Next time we will probobly try Massanutten Resort.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New year

Today, I got my 4th deer, a button buck. My cousin got one yesterday the same size and at the same hunting spot up by our house. I have enough now to last us until next year. What a nice hunting season it's been.

Saturday my cousin will come back out to hunt squirrels. My wife said she would try it but I expect most of them we'll just give to my cousin.

More about our ski trip to Wintergreen Ski Resort later.

Also a note to our friends in other countries that might have found these hunting pictures offensive... hunting in our country is part of our heritage. We eat what we hunt and take no more. It's far more humane to hunt compared to what is done to cattle at the slaughter house. I was raised a hunter as was my father and his father before him. Some people are against hunting and that's their decision. I hope they enjoy being vegitarians as much as I enjoy being an omnivore. This is part of our life here in Virginia and that's what this blog site is about.