Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Equinox Harvest Moon Over Washington, DC

Moonrise at the Equinox

Twice a year, observers are able to witness this spectacle around the full moon closest to the equinox.  The Mason designers and architects of Washington, DC built the monuments directly east to west.  At the equinox, the moon rises directly east behind them.  Depending on weather and clouds you have a few days before or after to view it as well.  However it's best on the day of the Full moon when you can catch it rising often with a spectacular sunset.  Today, the clouds did not cooperate very well and we only got about 10 minutes before the moon was completely obstructed.

Prior to moonrise, I spotted a Bald Eagle circling above the Potomac River.  I waited for it to pass directly above the Washington Monument and took it's picture.

Bald Eagle Circles above the Potomac

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